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Abdo Saleh

Muḥammad ‘Abduh Ṣāliḥ (1912-1970)

Son of the “Nayati” (Nay player) who was a member of Abdo al-Hamuli and Muhamad Othman’s Takht, Muhamad Abdo Saleh was sent by his father at a young age to …

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Ṣalībā al-Qaṭrīb

Saliba el Katrib is a genius and unique oud player and an established singer. He was born in 1904 in a musical family as his father Mikhael Qatrib was a recognized …

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Zakariyyā Aḥmad (1896-1961)

He left a huge number of compositions, lyrical theater works and movie songs. He deserves all the credit for the discovery of several important artists and he accompanied Umm Kulthum’s …

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Umm Kulthūm (1904 – 1975)

No need here to retell in detail the life story of Um Kalthum. Who indeed does not know those details, from birth, upbringing, discovery of voice, to her move from …

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Ṣāliḥ ‘Abd al-Ḥayy (Ṣāliḥ ‘Abd al-Jawwād Khalīl) (1896-1962)

Born in Cairo to a family of musicians (his uncle was ̕Abd al-Hay Hilmî), he was trained with the Sahbageyya groups and then with the Muhammad ̕ Umar and ̕Ali …

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Fatḥiyya Aḥmad (1898-1975)

A talented young singer with a quiet personality, Fathiyya Ahmad began her career in musical theaters as a young girl in about 1910. She appeared with the well known theater …

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Zakī Murād (1880-1946)

A descendant of a Jewish family, possibly of Moroccan origin, Zaki Murâd began his life as a tissue merchant in Alexandria. He enrolled at the Arab Music Conservatory in 1907 …

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Sāmī al-Shawwā (1889 – 1965)

Sami Shawwa was born in Cairo, to an Orthodox family from Aleppo, who formed a musical legacy. His great grandfather Joseph was a violinist at the beginning of the eighteenth …

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Munīra al-Mahdiyya (Zakiyya Ḥusayn Manṣūr) (1884-1965)

Munîra al-Mahdiyya was a legendary name in Egypt. In spite of her fame, we know little about the life of the “Sultânat al-tarab”. Probably born in Zaqâzîq, Zakiyya Mansûr Gânim …

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Sheikh Amīn Ḥasanayn Sālim

His father is Sheikh Hassaneyn Salem, an Al-Azhar graduate, and one of the “Qiraa’aat” teachers in Egypt. Sheikh Amin Hussaneyn Salem followed the Azhari school in turn, and it showed in …

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