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Les Almées – Frédéric Lagrange

« A l’Osṭa Ḥamīda al-Iskandarāniyya, la première personne à m’avoir enseigné le sens du mot “art” » : c’est par cette dédicace placée en exergue de sa nouvelle Al-‘awālim, rédigée à Paris …

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magnetic tapes

Magnetic Tapes

Within its continuous effort to preserve our musical heritage, the Arab Music Archiving and Research foundation has been digitizing and cataloging for a few years the reels recorded by music …

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Baghdad Chalghi with the visiting Egyptian orchestra, 1932

Music from far away and from long ago

By Bernard Moussali The musical tradition of Baghdad descends from a complex Arab tradition which is influenced by a number of cultures: Turkish, Persian, Kurdish, and even Indian. This school …

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Le Baron Rudolf d’Erlanger (1872-1932), the Artist and the Savant

Almost eighty-five years have passed since the publication of the first volume of Baron d’Erlanger’s book “Arab Music” that has since then become a classic, an indispensable work to learn …

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Henry George Farmer (1882-1965)

Henry Farmer was born in 1882 in Birr Barracks in the village of Crinkle in what was then known as King’s County (now County Offaly) in Ireland where his father, …

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Simon Jargy (1919-2001), Oriental Ethnomusicologist

  Born in Mardīn –an important centre of oriental Christianism– in a zone under French military occupation attached to Syria at the time, the young man grew up in an environment …

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Bernard Mousalli

Bernard Moussali (1953-1996)

Born in Beirut in 1953, Bernard Moussali passed away prematurely at the age of 43 in Paris on the 31st of July 1996. Associate Professor of Arab Literature, and Lecturer …

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Francisco Salvator-Daniel

Francisco Salvator-Daniel father was a Spanish musician of Jewish origin, who came to France as a refugee. After studies at the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris, …

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Christian Poché, The Soul of Arab Music (1938-2010)

Christian Poché, The Soul of Arab Music (1938-2010) Adapted from the eulogy written by Jean Lambert   Christian Poché was a journalist, radio producer, music historian, and ethnomusicologist who dedicated …

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Guillaume-André Villoteau

Translated from the French by Jan Lancaster   Villoteau (Guillaume-André), son of a teacher, born the 6th of September 1759, at Bellême (department of the Orne). Having lost his father …

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