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magnetic tapes

Magnetic Tapes

Within its continuous effort to preserve our musical heritage, the Arab Music Archiving and Research foundation has been digitizing and cataloging for a few years the reels recorded by music …

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Baghdad Chalghi with the visiting Egyptian orchestra, 1932

Music from far away and from long ago

By Bernard Moussali The musical tradition of Baghdad descends from a complex Arab tradition which is influenced by a number of cultures: Turkish, Persian, Kurdish, and even Indian. This school …

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Le Baron Rudolf d’Erlanger (1872-1932), the Artist and the Savant

Almost eighty-five years have passed since the publication of the first volume of Baron d’Erlanger’s book “Arab Music” that has since then become a classic, an indispensable work to learn …

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Henry George Farmer (1882-1965)

Henry Farmer was born in 1882 in Birr Barracks in the village of Crinkle in what was then known as King’s County (now County Offaly) in Ireland where his father, …

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Simon Jargy (1919-2001), Oriental Ethnomusicologist

  Born in Mardīn –an important centre of oriental Christianism– in a zone under French military occupation attached to Syria at the time, the young man grew up in an environment …

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Bernard Mousalli

Bernard Moussali (1953-1996)

Born in Beirut in 1953, Bernard Moussali passed away prematurely at the age of 43 in Paris on the 31st of July 1996. Associate Professor of Arab Literature, and Lecturer …

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Francisco Salvator-Daniel

Francisco Salvator-Daniel father was a Spanish musician of Jewish origin, who came to France as a refugee. After studies at the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris, …

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Christian Poché, The Soul of Arab Music (1938-2010)

Christian Poché, The Soul of Arab Music (1938-2010) Adapted from the eulogy written by Jean Lambert   Christian Poché was a journalist, radio producer, music historian, and ethnomusicologist who dedicated …

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Guillaume-André Villoteau

Translated from the French by Jan Lancaster   Villoteau (Guillaume-André), son of a teacher, born the 6th of September 1759, at Bellême (department of the Orne). Having lost his father …

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Ahmad Fares al Shidiaq

Ahmad Fares al Shidiaq – About Music

ولد فارس الشدياق في قرية عشقوت في لبنان سنة 1805، ثم دخل مدرسة (عين ورقة) التي تعلم فيها بطرس البستاني، ورشيد الدحداح، فكان ثالث ثلاثة من رواد النهضة الأدبية في …

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