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‘Abduh al-Ḥāmūlī - 1902

Abdo al Hamuli is considered to be, along with Muhamad Othman, one of the two pillars of modernization as to the music of the renaissance period that was also called …

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Muḥammad ‘Uthmān (1855-1900) - 1902

Despite the popularity of Muhamad Othman’s Adwar and Muwashahat among singers and throughout generations to our day, and despite him being, along with Abdo al Hamuli, one of the two …

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‘Abd al-Ḥayy Ḥilmī (1857-1912) - 1902

Abd al-Hay Hilmî, a seductive dandy, was the spoiled child of Egyptian high society at the turn of the century. He was noted for his odd manners; he would leave …

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Salāma Ḥigāzī (1852 – 1917) - 1902

Higazi was raised in Alexandria. He was trained in the cantilation of the Koran and dhikr (since his early years under the supervision of Kamil al Hariri, the head of …

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Sulaymān Abū Dāwūd - 1902

There is very little information to be found on this singer. The only document allowing his identification is a blurred photograph published in the book of Kamil al-Khulai. He sings …

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Yūsuf al-Manyalāwī (1847-1911) - 1902

Yussef al Manialawi, was born to peasants of the Manyal al-Rawda island (now at the center of Cairo). He was trained from an early age in the dhikr of Laytiyya’s …

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Ali Afandi ‘Abduh Salih - 1902

Born to a family of musicians, ‘Alī Afandī ‘Abduh Ṣāliḥ is the first player of Arabic nāy that we have heard recorded on a disc. He recorded within Odeon’s second …

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Ibrāhīm al-Qabbānī (1852-1927) - 1902

Along with Daoud Hosn, Ibrahim al Qabbani is seen as a disciple of Abdo al Hamuli qand Mohammed Othman as to musical compositions and Muwashahat. He was prolific in composing …

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Dāwūd Ḥusnī (1870- 1937) - 1910

Daoud Hosni Khodr had been working in a printing press binding books when he met Shaykh Mohammad Abdo, who listened to his singing and encouraged him. He learned to play the …

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Sayyid al-Ṣaftī (1875-1939) - 1910

He began his life as a Koran reciter and a munshid (singer of religious hymns) before switching to the secular learned repertoire in the early years of the twentieth century. …

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Sheikh Amīn Ḥasanayn Sālim - 1920

His father is Sheikh Hassaneyn Salem, an Al-Azhar graduate, and one of the “Qiraa’aat” teachers in Egypt. Sheikh Amin Hussaneyn Salem followed the Azhari school in turn, and it showed in …

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Munīra al-Mahdiyya (Zakiyya Ḥusayn Manṣūr) (1884-1965) - 1920

Munîra al-Mahdiyya was a legendary name in Egypt. In spite of her fame, we know little about the life of the “Sultânat al-tarab”. Probably born in Zaqâzîq, Zakiyya Mansûr Gânim …

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Sāmī al-Shawwā (1889 – 1965) - 1920

Sami Shawwa was born in Cairo, to an Orthodox family from Aleppo, who formed a musical legacy. His great grandfather Joseph was a violinist at the beginning of the eighteenth …

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Zakī Murād (1880-1946) - 1920

A descendant of a Jewish family, possibly of Moroccan origin, Zaki Murâd began his life as a tissue merchant in Alexandria. He enrolled at the Arab Music Conservatory in 1907 …

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Fatḥiyya Aḥmad (1898-1975) - 1930

A talented young singer with a quiet personality, Fathiyya Ahmad began her career in musical theaters as a young girl in about 1910. She appeared with the well known theater …

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Ṣāliḥ ‘Abd al-Ḥayy (Ṣāliḥ ‘Abd al-Jawwād Khalīl) (1896-1962) - 1930

Born in Cairo to a family of musicians (his uncle was ̕Abd al-Hay Hilmî), he was trained with the Sahbageyya groups and then with the Muhammad ̕ Umar and ̕Ali …

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Umm Kulthūm (1904 – 1975) - 1930

No need here to retell in detail the life story of Um Kalthum. Who indeed does not know those details, from birth, upbringing, discovery of voice, to her move from …

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Zakariyyā Aḥmad (1896-1961) - 1930

He left a huge number of compositions, lyrical theater works and movie songs. He deserves all the credit for the discovery of several important artists and he accompanied Umm Kulthum’s …

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Ṣalībā al-Qaṭrīb - 1940

Saliba el Katrib is a genius and unique oud player and an established singer. He was born in 1904 in a musical family as his father Mikhael Qatrib was a recognized …

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Muḥammad ‘Abduh Ṣāliḥ (1912-1970) - 1940

Son of the “Nayati” (Nay player) who was a member of Abdo al-Hamuli and Muhamad Othman’s Takht, Muhamad Abdo Saleh was sent by his father at a young age to …

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