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CD – Tanburi Muhyiddin Ba’yun

A unique musician, unparalleled in his mastery of the various melodic and linguistic dialects. Upon hearing him sing in Damascene dialect, one guesses that he was born in Beirut, he mastered literary Arabic, and his accent is sometimes perceived as Damascene or as Cairenes. His singing of dawr-s or of mawwāl-s may indicate that he was the pupil of great masters And when he expresses himself in baghdādī, he sounds like a pure Bedouin. Yet, when he plays tanbur, all these linguistic differences merge into a global literary tradition blurring boundaries and nationalities.

Content: 3 Cds – 64 pages booklet in english, french and arabic

Price: 35$

Supported by the Abu Dhabi Festival
Abu Dhabi Festival

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