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CD – A Journey with Arabic Oud

AMAR’s ninth publication on classical Arab music, and the third one reuniting several artists, is dedicated to the ‘ūd (Arabic lute). The ‘ūd is the most present instrument in the musical memory of Arab modal music. It is the instrument embraced by most musician singers, and the instrument of musical composition and theorization. And, even though record companies did not make enough ‘ūd recordings at the beginning of the 20th Century because of technical difficulties, this box-set features tens of great ‘ūdists from all Arab regions and cultures throughout almost one century, and includes a DVD depicting the steps in the manufacturing of an instrument by the great luthier Albert Mansour.

Content: 2 Cds & 1 DVD – 64 pages booklet in english, french and arabic

Price: 35$

Supported by the Abu Dhabi Festival
Abu Dhabi Festival

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