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CD – Salama Higazi

Sheikh Salāmā Ḥigāzī performed as a muezzin in the ṭarīqa ra’siyya that was widespread in Alexandria in the mid 19th century, and called for prayer until his art changed the face of music in Egypt and in the Levant. The beauty of his voice was noticed and, realizing his growing fame, he decided to turn from religious inshād to secular singing accompanied by a takht. He soon discovered his stage and theater skills and became a major on-stage representative of the classical Arab tune. Fortunately, Sheikh Salāmā Ḥigāzī witnessed the beginning of the recording era and made over 50 records with Odeon between 1905 and 1911.

Content: 3 Cds – 120 pages booklet in english, french and arabic

Price: $35

Supported by the Abu Dhabi Festival
Abu Dhabi Festival

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